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7-21 Players

Get ready for a night of betrayal and intrigue with Read Between the Lines: Murder at the Workshop!


Author Stephi Kralovna has finally come out of isolation after finishing her latest horror novel. To foster some publicity and strike while the iron is hot, her publicist suggests hosting an exclusive writer's workshop. Her publicist says this will help push book sales through the roof, as the event will be live-streamed for all fans. It will also create a substantial revenue stream for Stephi as there are only a maximum of 21 participants, and tickets will be expensive!  


There is a villain in this group that wants to see this story come to an unfortunate conclusion. They will do anything to make sure someone writes their last words, including murder!


Every participant in this virtual workshop is a suspect, from shady want to be authors, obsessive fans, jealous friends, and shifty industry professionals. They all have something to gain from turning the last page of this book, but only one of them is guilty of this horrific crime.


Sharpen those detective skills! You'll need to read between the lines to solve this plot!


Main Characters

User 01a.png

Jean Kray

She has won a few short story contests and is trying to get her full-length suspense novel published. She is currently a high school English teacher.

User 05c.png

Apollo Dorus

Texas native who left nursing school to become president of Stephi’s fan club. Moved to Maineville, Ohio, to be closer to Stephi.

User 02a.png

Christian Cunningham

Has a few published short stories but can’t seem to catch his big break. Maybe it has to do with his dark and gloomy personality.

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Maggie Black

A hopeless romantic, energetic, and gaudy. She is a former beauty queen turned publisher and longtime friend to Stephi.

User 03a.png

Stephi Kralovna

A private person who doesn’t like the spotlight, and still lives in the town she grew up in even though she is exceedingly wealthy.

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Jace Remmill

A businessman with little love for the horror genre but will publish any drivel if people are willing to pay for it.

User 04b.png

Misery Wilkerson

Cheerful and bubbly personality not matching her name. You would never guess that she adores horror stories, or likes 90 grunge rock, but she is a fan of all things dark and gruesome just the same.

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