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7-21 Players

The kingdom of Rumplume isn't doing so well. The peasants are impoverished, the castles are crumbling, the mead is muddy, and the jesters can barely even jest. There's only one thing the queen can do to save the kingdom: give it to someone else!

Queen Hilaria has decided the best way to determine a suitable successor is to throw a party. She's invited the noblest lords and ladies in the land to the banquet, hoping that a little wine and a little food will make her decision easier to make. If it doesn't, she'll just pick someone at random. Who cares, anyway, right?

But not everyone at the party is as noble as they appear. It seems there's a rogue at this royal reception, and rogues are only good at two things: general roguishness, and murder!

Tighten your tunic and lace up your bodice, it's time to solve a renaissance mystery!


Main Characters

User 01a.png

Lady Genevieve

Only interested in the glitz and glamor of being a ruler. She would look good in a crown.

User 05c.png

Lord Belvedere

Not actually Belvedere, but his lowly servant Patsy posing as the Lord in the hopes he can rule the kingdom.

User 06b.png

Lady Livia

A conniving schemer who will do anything it takes to be the next one on the throne.

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Queen Hilaria

The wise and benevolent leader of Rumplume. Well, she's the leader, anyway.

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Lady Bella

The favored choice as successor. She might be the only sane person at the party.

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Lord Salvatore

Believes he can foretell the future using a variety of nonsensical methods.

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Lord Raphael

A gluttonous noble who's just here for the food.

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