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7-21 Players

The McGraw gang is terrorizing the peaceful folk of Copper Creek. They've pulled off train heists, poisoned the wells, burned down the livery, and even destroyed part of the saloon. As a last, desperate resort, the sheriff has called together some of the town's residents to come up with a plan. If they don't do something now, Copper Creek will become a ghost town.

But it seems one of tonight's guest has something else on their mind: murder! Pistols are pulled and a grand showdown pits citizen against citizen, outsider against outsider. With their weapons drawn, someone fires a fatal shot. Who was it, though, and why did they pull the trigger?

Take a swig of whisky and sharpen your wits. You're going to need them to solve this old west murder!

Note: Each guest will need a prop to use as a six-shooter pistol. They can bring their own or the host can provide them. 


Main Characters

User 01a.png

 Millie McClure

The McGraws' elder sister who infiltrated the town only to fall in love with the place.

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One-Eye Coleman

An aged cowboy who settled in Copper Creek almost 30 years ago.

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Lady Lucky

A performer who put her life on pause to hunt down the con man who swindled her brother.

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Sheriff Cunningham

The law of Copper Creek, a fair man who always does what's best for the town.

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Franklin Durant

A con man pretending to be a well-educated lawyer from back east.

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A hard-drinking loner with a prickly personality. She has a soft spot for underdogs, though.

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Brisco Montana

A sharp-shooting card shark who just happens to be passing through town.

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