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7-21 Players

Get ready for a night of conspiracy and collusion in Murder, and all that Jazz!

After months of playing moldy nightclubs and run-down bars, Hannah Fontaine is ready to push her band into the spotlight. She's written a catchy new song her manager thinks will do just that, and tonight is the exclusive unveiling.

Not everyone is so keen to see the band succeed, however, and they'll do anything to achieve that goal. Including murder!

Every guest is a suspect at this soiree, from jealous bandmates to sneaky spouses, conniving acquaintances and cagey businessmen. They all had something to gain from the murder, but only one of them committed the crime.

Make sure your detective skills are tuned up. You'll need to hit all the right notes to solve this mystery!


Main Characters

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James O'Shea

The firecracker of the group, James keeps everyone on their toes by living life fast lane.

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Natasha Harris

Soft spoken, humble and passionate about music.

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Jess "Hammerhead" Torres

The juggernaut of jazz radio. Her nickname came from a tattoo she got while drunk. Good thing it matches her personality.

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Hannah Fontaine

Founding member and lead vocalist for the band. Hannah is a soulful person who wears her heart on her sleeve.

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Otto Osborne 

An incredibly talented pianist with a quiet but charismatic personality.

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Anna Osborne 

Practical, composed and optimistic. Ana enjoys the band's music and lyrics but can't stand it when her husband is away from home.

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Roger Riggs

A businessman through and through, Roger would sell his own legs if he could get a good price.

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