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7-21 Players

Adventure, exploration, dark pasts and double crosses; a brand new discovery spells someone's last breath in The Misty Isle.


A brand new island has been discovered in the Alantic Ocean. Wreathed in perpetual mist, it has never been seen or set foot on before. The International Explorers Society has granted their approval for explorer Sir Alan Hopley of the First Flags Explorer's Club to lead the first sanctioned expedition  of the island. 


Sir Alan is known for his tempestuous nature, and has given grief to his family and investors alike over this trip, having already delayed the start date by a month. Still, they know he is famous for a reason, and they have all gathered to congratulate him at a special dinner hosted by First Flags member Blake Ludlow.


Yet the true feelings of the guests are not as friendly as they may seem. From rival explorers to those who funded the expedition, to friends, family and lovers who have been hurt by Alan's selfish ambition, many people would like to see his efforts fail – through any means necessary.


But although anyone could have benefited from this murder, only one person is behind it.


Plots and motived alike will need to be navigated carefully. Get ready to venture into the unknown and explore the twists and turns of this deadly mystery.


Main Characters

User 01a.png

Nikky Fitton

Representing the Alpha Explorer's club, Nikky will be racing Alan to the top of the Misty Isle's Mountain.

User 05c.png

George Hopley

Taking the responsibility that his older brother has dropped, George sometimes seems to carry the weight of the world on her shoulders.

User 06b.png

Maris Ellingham

Romantic at heart, Maris remains enamoured of the exploring world even now that her relationship has fallen apart

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Blake Ludlow

Blake believes first and foremost in the sanctity of exploration, and the honour of the Society.

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Sir Alan Hopley

The wealthy and world famous explorer will be following in his ancestor's footsteps and making history.

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Claire Boland

An old friend of the Hopley Family who has garnered her own time in the spotlight for her expedition investments.

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Duncan Staple

Duncan has stood to the side for years as Alan has been lauded for his incredible accomplishments.

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