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6 Players

Deep in an uncolonized sector of the galaxy, the Horizon outpost and its skeletal crew monitor the edge of known space for unusual activity. Apart from the occasional burst of radiation or unexplained radio wave, there's very little activity in this part of space. Today, however, something changed.

A single pulse of light moved through the darkness, colliding with the outpost and instantly disabling all of its systems. Communications went down, life support was destroyed. Commander Cantos assembled the crew and tasked them to come up with a way to repair the station. They only have a few hours to set things right. If they fail, there's just one alternative: permanent cryogenic stasis.

This attack on Horizon wasn't random. A traitor is on board, and they're willing to do whatever it takes to carry out their plan.

It's a deep space mystery where more than just one life hangs in the balance. Can you uncover the murderer before time runs out?


Main Characters

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Kristal Yueh

An extremely knowledgeable physician whose bedside manner leaves a lot to be desired.

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Jonas Dilucca

A proficient xenolinguist and all-around likeable officer, even if he's just barely out of training camp.

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Madeline Madi

A brilliant science officer. She tries. her best to get along with everyone.

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Lillian Cantos

A fiery personality and an intense sense of responsibility for her station and crew.

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Jarin Hyland

Crack-shot engineer who excels at last-minute repair jobs using little more than scrap parts and a lot of luck.

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Berter Lon Soner

A genetic clone engineered to be the perfect security officer.

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