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7 Players

The gathering of the Santa Society has begun! Every year, dedicated members meet to exchange secret Santa presents and discuss upcoming holiday gigs talking with all the good little boys and girls of the world. It's supposed to be a merry time for all, but there's trouble brewing at this year's meeting.


One of the Secret Santa gifts at this party contains an unwelcome surprise: murder! The gathering of Santas must put their red caps together and figure out who committed this crime, all while trying their best to maintain a jolly holiday spirit.


Bring your best "Ho ho ho!" and an extra helping of egg nog; you're going to need it to solve this Christmas-time caper.


Note: Each guest will need to bring a wrapped gift box to the party. There are no requirements for what should be inside the box; they can all be empty, too!


If you are hosting the party remotely, tell your guests that their gifts were mailed to them ahead of time. If this is an in-person party, simply place the presents on a table.


Main Characters

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Standard Santa

A by-the-numbers Santa who organizes the yearly event.

santa hat.png

Sane Santa

A practical, small-town Santa who's growing tired of the gig.

santa hat.png

Smart Santa

The introverted brainiac with a love of all things Christmas.

santa hat.png

Senile Santa

A family-oriented Santa whose memory isn't all that it used to be.

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Sneaky Santa

Lover of tricks, puller of pranks.

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Snobby Santa

A Santa who seeks the finest things in life.

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Sexy Santa

Who says Santa has to be frumpy?

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